The Journey

 In 2017, Fred Bueltmann and Kyle Bice set out on an epic cross country quest to further understand the makers movement and craft renaissance. Their journey was documented and takes readers and listeners deep into the creative combustion engine of our country; talking to the colorful characters who hold the deeper truths of This Craft Nation.

The Route

days nineteen-twenty: SAN ANTONIO & austin, TX

  • Elise Sipos: Aerial Horizon

  • Autumn & Simon Saleh: Wanterlust Ironworks

  • RoMa Craft Tobac

Days twenty three-twenty four: Los Angeles, CA

Day twenty five: SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • Paul Yamazaki: City Lights Book Store & Publishers

  • Tim Archuleta: Ichi Sushi

  • Maria Finn: Author

day twenty six: PORTLAND, OR

  • Camas Davis: Portland Meat Collective

  • Nong Poonsukwattana: Nong's Khao Man Gai

  • Scott Miyako & Alex: Portland Razor Company

day twenty eight: SEATTLE, WA

  • Steve Butcher: Brown Paper Tickets

  • Meredith Gandt: Independent Air B & B

day twenty nine: MISSOULA, MT

  • Craig Campbell: Gravitas Drift Boats

  • Joey Arbour & Daniel Griffin: Zombie Tools

day thirty one: ST. PAUL, MN

  • Robbie Harrell: Minnesota Ice Sculptures

  • Ronnie Albert: self

  • Christa & Jay Kalk: Minnesota Makers

  • Cayley Baird: Bicycle Leathers

day thirty two: milwaukee & MADISON, WI

  • Ira Koplowitz: Bittercube Bitters

  • Gail Ambrosius: Ambrosius Chocolates

Day thirty three-thirty five: CHICAGO, IL

  • Michael Roper: Hopleaf Bar

  • Derek Lewis: Heritage Bicycles

  • Jordan Taggart: Green Star Movement

  • Melissa Flynn: Green City Market

  • Meegan Czop: Great Lakes Yard

  • Kristen Tracy: Author

  • Brian Evenson: Author

the road home



  • Julie Stanley: Food Dance

  • Victor Vague: Vague International

  • Kara Aubin & Daniel Juzwiak: Kara | Daniel Jewelry


  • Ari Weinzweig, Amy Emberline: Zingerman's Bakehouse

  • David Klingenberger: The Brinery

  • Brandon Johns: The Grange

Day Three: DETROIT, MI

  • Dave Buick, Eddie Gillis & Roe Peterhans: Third Man Records


  • Bill Owens: American Distilling Institute

Days Five-Six: NEW YORK, NY

  • Roger Sadowsky: Sadowsky Guitars

  • Dale DeGroff: King Cocktail

  • Adam Seger: iPic Theaters

Day Seven: New Jersey & Upstate New York

  • John Holl: Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine

  • Deanna Fox: Fox on Food


  • Bob Pease: Brewers Association

Day Ten: SWOOP, VA

  • Joe Salatin: Polyface Farms


  • Wes Shugart: Music City Leather

Days Thirteen-Fourteen: LOUISVILLE, KY

  • Chad Rosen: Victory Hemp

  • Katie Ellis & Virginia Berry Aguilar: Barry Center

  • Denny Humphrey, Ron Whitehead, Juan F. Thompson: Gonzofest

Days Fifteen-sixteen: Memphis, TN & OXFORD, MS

  • Melissa Booth Hall & Joe York: Southern Foodways Alliance

Days seventeen-eighteen: NEW ORLEANS, LA

  • Gregory "Blodie" Davis: Dirty Dozen Brass Band

  • Jacqueline Blanchard & Brandt Cox: Coutelier

  • David Young: 118Capstone Bees