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"Fred Bueltmann embodies the spirit of “craft." He genuinely cares about makers, the integrity of their craft, and their success. He was one of the first industry professionals to believe in what I wanted to do with CRAFT by Under My Host—a magazine dedicated solely to the chain of folks involved in independent food and drink. At the time, it was silly to some; never to Fred. For that, I am eternally grateful!"

--Cori Paige

Founder & Publisher, CRAFT by Under My Host


"In my career I've worked with hundreds of authors and speakers, but no one quite like Fred Bueltmann. That's because "The Beervangelist" is one of a kind: smart, articulate, and passionate but with dirt under his fingernails and smelling wonderful from whatever craft project he worked on hours earlier. Who can tell the story of This Craft Nation? Only someone who daily raises and butchers animals, brews and pairs beer, writes books and speaks around the world, cooks and hosts gourmet meals, all while running a working farm, driving tractors, and leading eloquent bourbon toasts around the bonfire. Only Fred could have imagined this journey and tell this story, introducing us to a culture most of us only admire from a distance. I can't wait to hear what he and Kyle discover on their great adventure."

--Greg Smith

Author, speaker, and lead brand strategies for The Image Shoppe




"You can’t fake authenticity. Fred Bueltmann is the sherpa we need to guide us to the local and well crafted items being introduced daily around the country. His commitment to and true interest in the people and products that are redefining American ingenuity will make this a project worth absorbing."
--John Holl, editor of All About Beer Magazine

I've known Kyle Bice for years. We first met at a friends wedding in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and quickly became friends. He shares a love for makers and crafters, the same as me. Our initial bond came over craft beer, a movement in which we are both deeply attached. I saw some of Kyle's work with his Beer Portraits, and his illustrations for New Holland Brewery, and was blown away. I was honored to have him create a beer portrait of me this summer, and look forward to seeing what kinds of cool people these two dig up in the wildly creative world of makers!

--Doug the Beerbarian.
Craft Beer Manager-Cardinal Distributing
Beer Adventure Guide- Zephyr Adventures
Spare Time - Viking Axe Thrower

Kyle Bice is an incredible artist! He epitomizes the spirit of an artist and entrepreneur! He not only is a master at watercolor and oil painting, but an inventor of an entirely new medium---beer painting!

Freelance art is a 24/7 kind of hustle. To make a living you must create your own opportunities and Kyle has done just that! By combining art and beer literally on paper, he's created a format all his own to be enjoyed by art lovers and beer enthusiasts alike! His love for both art and beer and humor is evident in his loving portrayals of people in Beer Portraits. I am proud to say I own a piece of his artwork!
The quality and care he puts into his art is what makes great craftsmanship an art form!

--Jill Thompson

Eisner Award-winning American comic book writer and illustrator

“The work that Fred Bueltmann does to develop, support and spread the word about American artisan food and drink is changing the food scene across the country.  One of the pioneers in specialty beer, the further Fred spreads his entertaining and intelligent wings the bigger his impact gets!”

--Ari Weinzweig, Zingerman’s Co-Owner & Founding Partner