Day Twelve: Nashville, TN

Third Man Records, Nashville Location

Third Man Records, Nashville Location

Twelve hours after boarding our train in Charlottesville, Virginia, we arrived in Atlanta, Georgia a little before 9 am.  It was our second overnight train, and we had started to familiarize ourselves with the half-rested feel of train-lag.   We had an open day, which allowed us to catch our breath, upload/backup audio and photo files, and get our first rental car of the trip, before heading to Nashville.    We didn’t specifically set out to skip interviews in Atlanta, but it turned out to be a much needed break in our schedule, which we soon dubbed the "Atlanta Pivot."  After copious amounts of coffee, lunch and a beer, we headed Northwest for Nashville. 

We arrived in Nashville later that night, and met Jeff and Seth, the Green Frog film crew, to catch up over some barbecue and local beer, before drinking whiskey at the infamous Robert’s Western World.   Jeff and Seth joined us to shoot video for a couple of days, which would include Nashville, and part of our stay in Louisville.  We shot at Third Man Records and Music City Leather, where Wes showed us how boots were made from scratch, and shared plenty of local lore.  

This pivot from Atlanta, though Nashville was inserted into the trip so we could get to Louisville, Kentucky for  GonzoFest on Saturday, April 15th.  It was the longest  stretch of the trip we’d spend driving a car, and our virtual "half-way point" milestone. Louisville loomed on the horizon, a short three hour drive away. 

Photo Gallery - Third Man Records


Wes Shugart, Music City Leather

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Wes shares his story and passion for boots with a colorful, expressive drawl.  Boot making may be his second or third career, but it’s likely his last.  He’s learned to build boots to the shape of each client, thought art of crafting custom stays, which represent each foot in the process.  Hand stitched, soled and shaped, Wes delivers a very personal experience to his customers, who keep their hand carved feet on file with him, ready for their next pair.

Wes Shugart

Wes Shugart

Photo Gallery - Music City Leather

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