TCN 7 - GonzoFest 2017 | Acts I & II | Denny Humphrey, Ron Whitehead

Ron Whitehead

Ron Whitehead

GonzoFest loomed on our horizon well before This Craft Nation even began, so we were pretty excited to make it to Louisville and realize that we had made it to a significant landmark.  It was great to make contact with people that were devoted to sharing the deeper insights from Hunter S. Thompson’s work, well beyond the most dramatic features he’s known for.  We got to speak to the founders of GonzoFest, hear about its history, purpose and vision looking forward.  Check out ActsI & II of GonzoFest in three acts, by listening to TCN7, from Hunter’s Louisville!  

TCN7 includes the music of Sativa Gumbo featuring friend of TCN, Richard Atnip - recorded live at GonzoFest 2017!

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