TCN 6 - Gregory Davis: Dirty Dozen Brass Band, New Orleans, LA

It was a personal highlight of our trip to get to interview Gregory Davis of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. I felt so many intersections to my own story, as like Gregory, trumpet was my first musical instrument, and I was musically inspired by my older brother (Greg). He also shared stories of getting into clubs underage to play gigs, and an instinct to break through analysis and let the listener decide what they think of what they hear, taste or enjoy, all of which struck emotional chords for me. I am doubly thrilled to welcome these musical heroes to #Holland to celebrate New Holland Brewing Co. twentieth anniversary and their fortieth - yes, Dirty Dozen Brass Band is playing at New Holland Brewing: Hatter Days Street Party on June 10th at New Holland Brewing Pub on 8th including New Holland Spirits

Listen to Gregory’s story, shared on a lovely Spring day in #NewOrleans from the patio of the Maple Leaf Bar.

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