Day Seven: Jersey City, New Jersey

We woke up Saturday with a fresh plan.  We shared a Lyft from Brooklyn to downtown Manhattan, where Chelsea would store some of our extra gear for the day, so we could travel a little lighter on the PATH train to Jersey City and back.  Navigating another new-to-us train system, confirmed my earlier observation; commuter trains are not marked for visitors.  Figuring out our way, and confirming if we were on the right platform or train was a constant state of mystery, but in the end, we prevailed. 


After figuring out the escalators, and dodging a robust group of high school tours, we were eventually rattling down the tracks to Jersey City.  For not being that far from the City, Jersey City had a remarkably cozy and small town feel, that is still vibrant. Cafe’s, shops and bars populate the few blocks we walked to Departed Soles Brewing Company, who were nice enough to let us in prior to opening, so we could chat with John. 

John Holl, author of the American Craft Beer Cookbook and Senior Editor, SevenFifty Daily

John is a journalist.  Not only by trade, but by his DNA.  He is a loyal patron of objectivity, yet he delivers insights on a personal level.  John has recently resigned his post at All About Beer, but will continue to espouse wisdom and perspective to all things beer and culture.


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