Day Seven: Albany, New York


With a couple of morning beers in our bellies, we headed straight back to Penn Station, so we could board an afternoon train to Hudson and eventually, Albany for the evening.  Our plans for the greater Hudson Valley had been penciled in a dozen different ways, and as the day came together, we ended up choosing to get off Hudson for a few hours, before reboarding a later train on the same line, to finish up in Albany.

Hudson was a breath of fresh air, a couple more clicks past Jersey City on the cozy meter.  We decided instead of targeting someone specific to interview, we’d just take in the experience, and see what it felt like.  It felt great!  


We visited American Glory BBQ and The Back Bar, and had simply wonderful conversations at each of them.   The food and drink options were thoughtful and tasty, the music was great and it seemed like everyone we met was warm, pleasant and generous with their thoughts and conversation.  It sounds like "Pleasantville," but it wasn’t too pretty.  There was grit and character mixed in, that provided a counter balance of humanity that just,…. felt right.  Ella, a local artist, shared a deeper lowdown on the neighborhood, as she generously gave us a lift back to the train station, when we all realized no cab was going to make it in time to save us from the gear-laden hike down the hill. 


We arrived in Rennsalier/Albany after dark, and got picked up at the train station by local writer, Deanna Fox.   She toured us around the historic city, including dinner and drinks, prior to hosting us at her farmhouse.  We interviewed her during and after a farm-breakfast, after a wonderfully peaceful nights sleep.  I was particularly restored by sleeping in a farmhouse from a similar era as mine at home, and some fresh laundry didn’t hurt either. 

We had just rounded the corner of our first week out, and completed between fourteen and seventeen interviews, depending on how you count them.  Deanna’s farm and our entire Upstate experience was all too brief, but it was a warm and welcome shift, and the hospitality helped us ready ourselves of the weeks ahead. 

Fox on Food

Deanna N. Fox, Freelance Writer, Media Personality 

Deanna is a freelance journalist with a focus on food and drink in the Northeast.  She has a love of story that follows the roots of her subject right into the dirt that feeds their growth.  Deanna showed us the warmth and beauty of farmhouse hospitality and kind generosity.

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