Day Three: Detroit, Michigan

We rolled into Detroit a little before 1:00 am, armed with a few tips on where we could catch a drink before last call.  We lumbered into Northern Lights, stacking our gear along the wall, before heading to the bar, at first unaware of the curiosity our entrance created in the handful of barflies that dotted the room. 

As we whet our whistle, we answered the inevitable questions that centered around, “What are YOU doin?” We were two days in and feeling strong.  We were invigorated by our first six interviews, and only slightly tired from the rigorous schedule.  Our fatigue soaked enthusiasm deliver hilarity as we talked shop and drank shots with our curious new friends. 

Detroit has a feel all its own, driven by the fierce loyalty and gritty character of the proud locals.  We spent a lot of time in Cass Corridor, and got a feel for the intermingled layers of old and new.  A big part of Detroit’s musical pulse was born and resides here. Hearing stories about the old neighborhood from John Linardos of Motor City Brewing Works, was a comical and inspiring complement to our multiple conversations with Third Man Records and Shinola. 

Jeff Hage of Green Frog photo joined us the day before to shoot the interviews on video, and he brought his partner, Seth Thompson along for Third Man Records. Our expanded team brought a slightly different focus and coordination to the shoot, and we definitely benefited by collaborating with these insightful pros. 

Jonathan Richman

Jonathan Richman

We finished the day watching worlds artfully collide, as the record store transformed to a urban music venue, and Jonathan Richman performed to a colorful capacity crowd, rich with characters; young and old, rich and poor.  Our quest towards connection was certainly encouraged when Jonathan yelled to the crowd — mid-song, “Turn off your TV’s!!  I’m right here!” referring to the dozens of phones held in the air to capture the experience digitally.  “I’m SERIOUS!” he exclaimed again, to drill the point home past humor and into common sense. 

As the party continued, we piled into Jeff’s car for an eighty mile trip to Toledo, where we’d get on board for our first overnight train to Baltimore.



Dave Buick, Roe Peterhans, Eddie Gillis, Third Man Records

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The Third Man Records crew showed us the recently unveiled record presses in the plant behind their record store. We learned about their love of vinyl and records change the personal experience of listening to music.  We felt the passion for keeping music personal from guys that have hung together while becoming a part of rock and roll history with their lead collaborator, Jack White.

Photo Gallery - Third Man Records


John Linardos, President, Founder Motor City Brewing Works

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We dropped into Motor City Brewing to find my old pal, John Linardos.  He’s a wily veteran of the Michigan brewing scene with about twenty-five years to his credit.  We told some stories, shared some good laughs and heard wild tales from the eighties living and working in the Cass Corridor.


(l-r) John Linardos, Fred Bueltmann

(l-r) John Linardos, Fred Bueltmann

Photo Gallery - Motor City Brewing Works

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