Day Four: Baltimore, Maryland


We started to digest the three days of Michigan interviews while on the drive from Third Man Records in the Cass Corridor of Detroit, to Toledo to get on our first overnight train. Jeff boarded the train with us on the long leg to DC, in order to get some train and conversation footage on camera. He needed to fly home from there, so we packed into Jeff’s wagon, and his friend Eli dropped us off and returned his car home. 

As we answered people’s questions about our next legs, following Detroit, I realized you can’t really say, “We’re going to catch a Midnight train to [anywhere]”, without picking up some cadence from the famous Glady’s Night tune. Our “Midnight train to Baltimore,” was the Capitol Limited, which arrived in Washington DC sometime after 1 pm, with enough time for us to grab a train-station lunch, before boarding the Northeast Regional for a jog to Baltimore.  We arrived at the very tail end of the American Distilling Institute’s Annual Conference, and we were going to be in town for less than twenty four hours. 

We had a few hours before we needed to get ourselves to Bill’s hotel and get back into interview mode.  Following gin and tonics complemented by Bill’s historic perspective, we joined Meaghan and Kelli for a restorative dinner, before late night cocktails to wrap up the evening.  It felt like we were merely waving to Baltimore as we cruised by, which also felt a little like our figurative boat had gotten just far enough off the dock, that we could see land, but not really make out the people on shore anymore.   

(l-r) Kyle Bice, Fred Bueltmann

Neither of us had been to Baltimore before, so it was an interesting mix, of looking forward to seeing familiar faces, including the New Holland crew and several other spirits-based colleagues, yet starting to feel the context of arriving into uncharted territory. The ride from Penn Station to our hotel was also our first cab ride with all of our gear.  We shoe-horned ourselves into the cab, which was particularly funny to our now rail-weary brains, fresh off our fist sleeper-car adventure.  

Bill Owens

Bill Owens

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Bill Owens, President and Founder, American Distilling Institute

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Bill is a character and visionary.  He was microbrewing before the world knew what was coming.  He left his business to found the American Distilling Institute which has fanned the flames of a fledgling industry that is now bursting onto the scene.  He’s an artist as well, and was recognized as a Guggenheim-winning photographer.  Bill has a colorful viewpoint which he’s quick to deliver in a way only he can. 

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