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The last thirty years have seen a massive change in our marketplace. In a bewildering display of creativity and perseverance, independent makers and craftspeople of all kinds, have led a resurgence in quality, diversity of choice, transparency and heritage. Consumers have continued to raise the bar,
demonstrating an ever-increasing value on provenance and authenticity. Butchers, bakers, cheese makers, farmers, woodworkers and luthiers are a few of the quaint little producers across America that inspired this craft renaissance, a massive change in our marketplace, affecting millions of consumers. Once dismissed as a fad, this cultural shift has been buoyed by unprecedented consumer support, gaining momentum over four decades against considerable opposition from huge market forces.

What happened and why is it important?

We are setting out on an epic cross country quest to further understand the
makers movement and craft renaissance. We will take our readers and listeners
deep into the creative combustion engine of our country; talking to the
colorful characters who hold the deeper truths of This Craft Nation.

Join us on an exhilarating odyssey diving into the great
American stories that have changed the world.

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Fred Bueltmanna.k.a. “The Beervangelist,” espouses on cooking, pairing and enjoying beer and food seasonally in his first book, The Beervangelist’s Guide to the Galaxy. His beer-soaked essay, The Great American Smoker, was the winner of the 2017 GonzoFest Literary Contest. After twenty-plus years as an executive in the beverage industry, Fred is embarking on a new path as a freelance consultant on company culture and craft ideals. He is writing his next book, This Craft Nation while also producing the companion podcast. He enjoys life on his farm in Fennville, MI with his wife Ulla, and their charming herd of critters.

Bueltmann is past president of the Michigan Brewers Guild and recipient of their prestigious “Tom Burns Award” recognizing the pioneering spirit of the “Great Beer State.” Fred is a Certified Cicerone® and serves as a judge for the Brewer’s Association’s Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup.   @Beervangelist

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Kyle Bice is a Chicago based freelance artist, specializing in illustration and fine art. A 2002 graduate of the American Academy of Art with a BFA in painting, Kyle regularly freelances for New Holland Brewing and is the lead artist for The Monster Weekly, a blog that promotes childhood literacy. He is the author and illustrator of A Book of Dwarves, and launched, a site devoted to art and interesting interviews about people in and around the world of craft beer as well as a travel blog focusing on Kyle’s adventures as a painter with a unique medium. Kyle’s eye for composition and broad range of styles, and mediums, including photography give him the ability to adapt and capture the essence of what’s around him. @beerportraits